Caisleán Oir - Services

Caisleán Oir Child care provides the following services

Full day care  - 8.00am to 6.00pm, children are provided with breakfast, hot meal at lunch time and a snack in afternoon.  Nappies and wipes are provided by parents. 

Part-time Care  - 8.00am to 1pm or 1pm to 6.00pm, anytime outside these hours will be charged at an hourly rate on top of the sessional rate.  See Fee structure page

Montessori Playschool  - 9.30am to 12.30pm, children are to bring a small snack and drink.  (We operate a healthy eating policy therefore crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed.)

Breakfast club -8:00am - 9.20am, children will be provided with breakfast and will then be escorted to the school by a member of staff at 9.20am.

1 hour service - Junior and Senior Infants using the 1 hour service will be collected at 2pm by members of staff.

After School Club - Children using the afterschool service will be collected at 3pm by members of staff and escorted back to the centre, homework will be supervised and the children will be provided with a hot meal. 



Fees are set at the beginning of each year at a rate that takes account of affordability for parents and of the sustainability of the service.

Please note that Caisleán Oir is HSE registered and approved, we participate fully in CCS (Subvention) schemes, CETS schemes and the free pre-school ECCE year schemes. Click here for more info.

FEE  STRUCTURE:  Click here for more  info.



Fees are set at the beginning of each year at a rate that takes account of affordability for parents and of the sustainability of the service.


q  The weekly/monthly fee for the service is agreed with manager

q  Fees must be paid weekly/monthly in advance

q  There is a discount for families where more than one child attends the service

q  Fees must be paid even when the child is absent due to illness, except in special circumstances and with the agreement of the management committee/manager.

q  Fee paying arrangements for holidays, bank holidays etc will be agreed with parents at the time of enrolment

q  Parents will sign a contract agreeing the terms of the fee payment policy.



  • It is the policy of our childcare service that children may only be collected by the person(s) named on the registration form.
  • The parent/carer must notify the staff in advance if an alternative named person is to collect the child.
  • Parents must update the manager of any change in contact details or medical/dietary conditions.
  • Children must be always collected on time.  Please ensure your child is collected when their session is complete.  In the event of repetitive late collection, a penalty of Є5 for every 15 minutes or part thereof will be payable to the centre.
  • The centre closes at 6pm sharp so please make sure your child is collected on time.
  • With regard to children playing in the playground, our insurance stipulates that a staff member must be present at all times; therefore unfortunately we cannot permit the children to play in the playground at collection time.
  • Please do not park in front of the double gates.  These gates are for deliveries and emergency access only.


  • Children or adults with heavy colds or coughs should not attend the service.
  • Parents are advised that a child who has been sick during the night should not attend the service the next day.
  • Children with infectious rashes / illnesses / conditions should not attend the service, examples include chicken pox or conjunctivitis but for a full list see HPSC guidelines printed in the crèche and linked on our website here - from page 79 onwards. Click Here to View Guidelines 
  • All parents are informed if a child attending the service has an infectious condition.
  •  Children on antibiotics should not attend the service for 24 hours after the first dose has been given.
  • Children who have been suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea should not attend the service until 48 hours after the last episode has elapsed.

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