Caisleán Oir - nutrition

Caisleán Oir Child care provides the following services

  • Qualified Chef onsite
  • Meal Plans - Special dietary needs catered for 
  • Food freshly prepared and cooked on site daily
  • Breakfast Club

It is the policy of our childcare service to promote a healthy lifestyle through prevention of illness and establishing healthy eating patterns. 

It is our policy to comply with current regulations including the Child Care (Pre-School Services) (No 2) Regulations 2006 and Food Hygiene Regulations.

Healthy Eating

q  A balanced diet is provided with fresh, nutritious food prepared each day on site by our trained Chef.

q  Sweets, crisps, chewing gum and nuts are discouraged

q  Special dietary needs of children are met

q  An adult always sits with the children at meal times to encourage good eating habits, stimulate conversation and enhance the quality of the interaction.


All our dishes are prepared on site by our trained chef using fresh ingredients and all dinners have freshly prepared vegetables included.

If a parent has a dietary preference for their child which would not be catered for general menu, parents are welcome to send in an alternative for their child, examples include goats milk or soya products.

Sample Menu

Click Here to see sample  menus of the nutritional food we provide on a three 3 week rolling basis